Rotadrill UK offers a wide range of drilling services which you can find more information about below

Geobore-S Wireline Coring

This is by far our most common method of drilling. This can be carried out using either air mist or water/mud flush.

Dynamic Sampling

This is an increasingly popular technique of drilling for obtaining windowless samples in soil, over burden and made up ground.

Open Hole Drilling

This is an effective method of drilling which can be carried out using air mist or water/mud flush and is commonly used for tasks such as detecting coal or even historically mined coal.


Our Putzmeister SP11 mixer is a single axle, road towable, stand alone high pressure grouter.

Water Wells

A typical water well can vary from 30m to 80m but can go much deeper depending on water tables.

Window Sampling / Hand Held Window Sampling

An integrated system, offering an innovative solution to undisturbed soil core sampling, groundwater sampling and monitoring.

Site Investigations

Site investigation is the initial process we carry out to collect and assess data.

Geothermal Drilling

Drilling is required to the suitable depth of the specific site. Typically raging from 100m – 150m.

Diamond Drilling - Concrete Coring and Hand Held Concrete Coring

Our diamond drilling services cut holes quickly and cleanly from 50mm to 300mm diameter and to various depths using barrel extensions. We can core through reinforced concrete, brickwork, stonework, block and asphalt. We use Xcalibre core machines and also hand held which are also ideal for confined spaces, all with a water feed to ensure a clean, dust-free environment.